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About me


The beginners course is very disciplined,.. intensive.. and very very stretched. You must be dedicated and disciplined. Come to the course because you have decided to change your lifestyle... you want to have a discipline in your life. You want to calm your life! Tune your body !! Work hard! ...Dont start yoga because yoga is trendy or cool! All my advanced students started as beginners!!!

Beginners course normally consist of the following:

Yogic Philosophy:

Beginners class begin with yogic philosophy. Without the understanding of basic philosophy you will never realise the benefits of yoga. I have seen yoga students in so many clubs and gyms with out even the basic understanding of yogic philosophy. 95% of them dont even know what the word 'yoga' means. The basic yogic philsophy involves the explanation of prana, nadis, chakras, kundalini

Breathing technique -Pranayama:

Abdominal breathing Full yogic breathing. Kabalabati Anoloma Viloma - Alternate nostril breathing.

Sun salutation:

It is 12 movements on the right side and the left side.It stretch all the parts of the body. It should be always synchronizing with breathing. The beginners normally do 10 rounds of sun salutation. The sun salutation prepare the body for the postures or asanas. The more sun salutation you do the better the body ready for the asanas. Please dont skip the sun salutation.


In the beginners class all the basic asanas Including headstand are gently introduced.It is only an introduction. You are not expected to master them straight away. By the time the beginners course finished the students have an understanding of the basic asanas and their benefits.


After the asanas there will be 10 to 15 minutes of relaxation. Never skip the relaxation.

Meditation: Basic simple meditation introduced